The World’s Most Recognizable Logos – Brands of the World

Vishnu Gupta September 26, 2022

The World’s Most Recognizable Logos – Brands of the World

Famous Logos helps in grabbing the right audience tractions and thus drive prosperity by leaps & bounds. It won’t be wrong to say that many companies are acknowledged because they have a classic & recognizable business logo. An aesthetically crafted logo is not just a sign of how well-versed you are at designing skills, but, also how beautifully your business is gaining its identity.

Today, we will discuss some of the most famous logos in the world. It will describe how logos can play an imperative part in building your presence and presenting a big picture of the business.

So, let's get started!

Popular Brand Logo Definition

The term "Brand" and "Logo" justify the sense on their own. The brand is the organization or business, and Logo is their identity among the audience.

The icon or catchy images we utilize to represent the business among the target and other audiences is known as the "Logo." When people start recognizing the business through its Logo, the business comes up as a "Brand" and the icon as its "Famous Logos".

A famous brand logo can be defined as the icon or image through which your business is visible in front of the target audience. Suppose you buy a pair of sports shoes; you will easily walk into the store with a logo showing "jumping leopard" as it is the logo for "Brand Puma." Similarly, you will also visit the store with the "right sign" as it is for "Brand Nike."

This example clearly states how the logo can help recognize your business and enable you to operate as a brand.

Now, let's jump to the famous logos with names. This section will show you some prominent brands operating globally and is highly recognized just by their Logos. So, let's begin!

02 Top Most Recognizable Business Logos of Brands in the World

A well-crafted logo is not a reflection of your designer's skills but also reveals many things about your business. Thus, we have shared an extensive list of famous logos design with stellar and eye catchy names. Not only has it paved the way for success by it has provided the proper user traction to businesses.

1. Apple

Apple Logo Design Concept

Who doesn't know about the tech giant "Apple"? Even if you show a 5th-grade kid a "Bitten Apple Logo," they will instantly reply with "Apple" as the brand of the product. Many theories and concepts prevail behind the logo of "Apple."
Some say the "bitten apple" is taken as the logo after a biblical story of Eve eating an apple from the knowledge tree in the gardens of Eden. Other stories reveal that the bitten apple states the "byte" of data.

The CEO, "Steve Jobs can only describe the actual story." It is the largest company in the world and is majorly known for its products like iPhones, Mac Laptops, AirPods, iPods, iWatches, etc. Apple’s logo is the most famous & popular Logo in the world.

2. Google's Famous Logos

Google Logo Design Concept

It is just a simple logo with green, red, orange, and blue colors. It was under some renovation in 2015; the final logo you see on the internet is the renovated one. The concept behind this logo is the letter "e" at the end of the logo is at an angle to render an alert that the organization will always be a little unconventional, as per Google's design blog.

Not only has this, but Google’s famous logos for important events remained a buzzword. The technology master timely presents Google Doodle for any critical event, celebration, or happening worldwide. Sometimes on a user's birthday, you may get a specific birthday Doodle especially meant to be shown on your screen on your b'day eve. This is how the google logo works.

3. Amazon

Amazon Logo Story

Another world-famous brand logo is Amazon. It is an eCommerce giant known worldwide for its online selling store. Its logo is the name itself, with an arrow from the first letter "a" to the last letter "z." It means the company sells almost everything you want to buy. This simple logo has gained vast customer satisfaction & trust in the previous years.

4. McDonald’s

History Of Mcdonald Logo

The McDonald’s crest is one of the most acclaimed logos for numerous reasons. It is highly recognizable as it depicts more than a thought that “it is not just a fast-food chain”. The logo has transformed into a cultural icon packed with global enhancements, capitalism, and the diversification of American culture.
One of the factors that stand out the logo from others is the golden arches resembling an ‘M.’ In 1952, the first McDonald’s restaurant was set up. The arches were the part of the exterior design of the organization.
Post nine years, these same arches were implemented into their business logo design. Since then, the arches have claimed their way; the company has had in over 60 years.

5. Coca Cola

History Of Coca Cola Logo

Coca-Cola is the most renowned beverage and hold world’s most popular logo design. It is undoubtedly the most iconic logos in the world. The brand’s logo design has gone to numerous alterations before concluding to the one that is available today. The typography and double ‘C’ characteristic have not changed since 1887.

Dr. John Pemberton was accountable for building the brand and its very first logo. He merged Coca-Cola’s first formula utilizing kola nuts, sugar, extracts of cocaine, and carbonated water.

6. Nike

History Of Nike Logo

Nike being holding world’s most iconic logo, anyone can contemplate that the brand has burnt thousands of dollars to get it. However, Nike itself proves that expensiveness doesn’t necessarily leverages popular logo designs. What contribute to an effective logo are its simplicity and a dreamy design.
Nike’s founder Phil Knight imagined a logo that offers some sort of inspirational movement and determination. He approached one of his students, Carolyn Davidson, to help build a logo for the company. Davidson developed numerous logo designs, and in a very short span, Knight decided to pick the logo that is pretty much close to the wings of the Greek goddess Nike.

7. Facebook

History Of Facebook Logo

Facebook is the king of all social media platform globally. Now it has become a subsidiary unit of Meta. It has one of the most famous logo and around 3 billion people see it on an everyday basis.
Speaking of its logo, then it is just a very plain write-up of the brand name in lowercase letters. But have you ever imagined, why lowercase? The logo design indicates Facebook’s natural going behavior because it is, after all, a very simple & yet highly appreciated social media platform to connect with people.
But the color scheme has more to do with personal reasons. Mark Zuckerberg has a syndrome called red-green colorblind. The color he can see the best is Blue. Hence, Facebook’s iconic logo color scheme is blue and white.
So, these were the three prominent names in the list of the top recognizable business logo in the world. You can count as many as possible by looking over the Internet. Now, let's read some fun facts about logo design that can help you develop recognizable and stellar logos for your business.

Top Fun Facts about Recognizable Brand Logos

After a huge research on various brand’s logo design, we have found some amazing facts on Famous Logos Design. Today, we will be discussing such fun facts in this context. Let’s read out these amazing facts on recognizable logo design.

Amazing Facts of Famous Logos in the World:

  • Have you noticed that around 60% famous logo are combination type.
  • Around 65% brands utilize color red & blue in their Logo Design.
  • 73% logo in the world contains San Serif Font.
  • Amazon is among the most valuable brand in the world.
  • Coca-Cola Logo cost nothing but $0 only.
  • The Top 5 logo in the world are of Tech Industries; Samsung, Apple, etc.
  • Nike’s logo designer, Carolyn Davidson took 17.5 hours to come up with Swoosh.
  • FedEx’s brand identity designer has won over 40 awards in the same category.
  • Around 15% of small-scale business pay around $1000 to have an appealing Logo.
  • The very famous McDonald’s Logo is an inspiration from its first operating building.
  • Nike's Logo Designer got Stock as his logo design payment.
  • A famous brand called GAP has failed in rebranding and that has costed the company a whooping $100 Millions.
  • WWF’s Panda Logo was utilized to reduce printing cost.
  • One of the popular brand Adidas has Mountain Stripes that represents Challenge.
  • Puma’s First Symbol was the Cat jumping through the letter D.
  • BBC's current logo is worth $1.8 Million.
  • Domino’s Logo indicates 3 dots in its logo to represent the number of restaurant.
  • Twitter’s Logo highlighting a Blue Bird, named after a basket ball legend.
  • The United Nations Emblem represents North Pole Map.
  • The Mexico Bat is the Bacardi’s Logo.

So, these were the amazing facts about the Logo Design of popular brands. Hope this article has given suffice information on Famous Logos & their development.

Logo Design is a prominent part when you are on the track to building your business as the leading brand. Famous logos always grab the right audience traction and help you grow significantly. We hope our article has explained an excellent volume of information about the most recognizable logo brands in the world. Thanks for reading, and you can collect more information about Logo Development from our website Moreover, you can enquire about web development from our website, stay tuned!

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