Popular Logo Design Fonts 2020

Neeraj Tank May 28, 2022

Popular Logo Design Fonts 2020

Looking for some Popular Logo Design Fonts 2020? If yes, here is a bunch of information. In this article, you will get a hands-on Best Logo Design Font 2020. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a business firm, a logo is the branding of any company. This is the first impression when you put yourself in marketing. So your first impression should be the last yet impacting impression. This can be achieved using the Top Logo Design Fonts of all time.
In this article, we have shared a guide on the best logo fonts for beginners as well. You can also get an idea of corporate or business logo font families. So let us begin the thesis here.

Branding of any company is done by using its effective logo design. Your logo is the first look of what your company will be about. For example, 4 rings in a circle indicate Audi. Whatever your companies profile is, Logo plays a major part. So here we are going to discuss some top font families for beginners as well as for professionals.

Logo Design Fonts for Beginners 2020

There are many other font families which work best for the beginners. These include the following font styles for newbie logo makers like

  • Racing Sans One
  • Ribeye
  • Pacifico
  • Gruppo
  • Life Savers
  • Oxygen
  • Montserrat Alternates
  • Nova Square
  • VT323

If you looking for some good best logo design then these fonts are good to start. These will surely improve your understanding of logo designing and its techniques. Further, you will read about some of the popular logo design font families 2020. Utilize all these fonts once, whether you are a pro logo creator or a beginner logo designer.



This is the new member of the font family of logo designs. This was created by Fanny Coulez & Julien Saurin in Paris in the san-serif family. It is an open type of font design. The letter comes out as something warm, very figurative, stylish like french letters, etc. There are 8 types of Pontiac Logo Font Designs:

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Black
  • Light Italic
  • Regular Italic
  • Bold Italic
  • Black Italic

Any logo maker can utilize any type according to his/her needs of logo making. This is the emerging star in the san-serif font family.

Brandon Grotesque

Again the member of the san-serif family with a title as Brandon Grotesque. It includes 6 more subcategories and provides a soft look to the logo design makers. Logo from this font was designed by Hannes Von Dohren back in the year 2009-10. Its appearance is like


Another trendy font style which also comes under Top Logo Designs Font 2020. It has multiple language support with Upper case and Lower case transitions. You can convert your text into two patterns i.e. Regular & Italic. It also features OTF & TTF files for both styles. The logo designs under this font look like:

Classic Logo Fonts 2020

Now this category is the inventor of fonts in the Logo or branding of the company. These logo fonts do not get fade as these are the evergreen families. Even the commoners can easily understand the font category once placed in a logo. So here are the families involved in it:


It is the sub-category (we can say) of the San-Serif family. It became a member of the font family in the late 50s. Then the popularity begins in the 60s. You can take a clue of its popularity as this is found on Macs & Adobe products. One can also go with the Arial, Verdana, Geneva, etc fonts as these are also look-alike to Helvetica.

Times New Roman

If we talk about print media, then Time New Roman is the first choice. These are basically contemporary looking logo designs that best suit the newspaper, books, and print materials. In the 30s, it was crafted for the “The Times” newspaper. This font category is best known for its readability appearance.


The category was created by the Adobe itself and then it became the corporate logo font design. Brands like Apple have their logo printed in Myriad font family. One reason why it is used by these brands is its capability to get optimized with the Web. It also comes into various forms such that:


The name came into popularity from Claude Garamond’s punch cuts. Different-different people have created their own version of the Popular Logo Design Fonts. Most of the time, Adobe Garamond crafted by Robert Slimbach is utilized. This is popular because of its unique style and readability.

Iconic Logo Designs 2020

This category holds the oldest font families which logo makers prefer for printing works. It is utilized when we write a letter, printing any document, etc. It includes Serif, San-Serif, etc. The description of these categories is indicated below:


The letters are made up of simple lines and do not hold any serifs. Strokes are also simple as it does not contain any type of thick or thin transition in strokes. Examples of these are as follows


It is an advanced version and falls under the top logo fonts design 2020. Earlier, the logo maker utilized these font families to make the company’s logo more iconic. But with the growing trends, the font families have also gained new versions as described ahead.

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Final Words:
To sum up, there are so many font families that came out of the san-serif ancestor. There are few categories that are popular in Free Logo Designs Fonts 2020 category. Also, there are more font families like Rockwell, Baskerville, etc. You can choose from different styles and prepare your branding logo design. It does not matter either you are a professional logo creator or a beginner in logo designing, It all goes up with your understanding and learning capabilities.

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