11 Best Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos 

Neeraj Tank November 3, 2022

11 Best Apps to Download Instagram Photos and Videos 
Do you want to download Instagram Photos and Videos? Well, there are a lot of people who want to do that, but can’t. Instagram is the world’s best example of social media app development. And needless to say, it has a user base numbering billions. Being a total video and photo-based platform, Instagrammers are often left disappointed when they want to download a photo they like or a video they want to keep. Instagram just doesn’t allow that. While you can still screenshot or screen record, it isn’t the same, right? This blog is for you if you are looking for apps to download and save Instagram photos and videos.

01 Top Instagram Photo and Video Downloader Apps

If you want to save photos and videos that you see on Instagram, but don’t know how to do that. Well, we have not one but 11 solutions for you.
Apps Download
1.        Quick Save Link
2.       Aloinstagram Link
3.       VideoProc Converter Link
4.       iTube Go Link
5.       FastSave for Instagram Link
6.       Saver for Instagram Link
7.       Regrann Link
8.       Social down Link
9.       Stogram Link
10.   Leawo Video Downloader Link
11.   InGramer Link
  In this section of the blog, we shall be going through the 11 best photo and video downloader apps for Instagram. With this being said, let’s get right into it:

Quick Save

Optimized to work with the latest Android technological advances, Quick Save offers you the chance to explore new methods to save your most loved images, as well as the ability to download Instagram videos. It's very simple to use and requires no technical knowledge. All you have to do before downloading is to tap the video or image you wish to download. After that, the app will ask you to click to share that video or image on your android device's screen. If yes, hit the save button. It will ask if you want to save your files on your Android device. Select the location of the file you would like to save, and then in just a few seconds, the file will save to your mobile phone, available to share with anyone.


  • It's one of the most effective Instagram downloader Android apps that allow users to upload downloaded images or videos to social networks using the Quick Save app.
  • The InstaSave is a feature of Instagram that will keep saving and downloading images and videos you like on Instagram.


Aloinstagram Videos and Photos is an online tool that allows you to download images and personal Instagram videos that you can share on any internet on your pages. The primary goal of this tool is to provide a valuable online service that works for you by providing all recent videos and photos. The service will assist you in constantly getting the most recent information from your followers to inform them of what's happening on their pages. It will also provide some helpful information in any area. Using Aloinstragram to publish your content or hide it is also possible.


  • Download and save videos from Instagram accounts.
  • Download photos or videos are taken from Instagram, Story, IGTV, and more, along with Hashtag Monitoring tools.

VideoProc Converter

A powerful tool to process video files, VideoProc Converter enables quick and secure Instagram video downloads. It is possible to download music, video subtitles, and streaming videos from over 1,000 websites, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Channels and playlists can be saved, and batch downloads can be supported. The videos you download can be converted into MP4 or MP3, AAC, and other formats and exported in any resolution. With its user-friendly interface and development as a powerful tool, VideoProc Converter enables even beginners to download and manipulate videos effortlessly. There are no ads, no lagging, and there is no loading time. Download it, and then download all your Instagram videos.


  • Just one click to download the videos on Instagram for no cost
  • Converts Instagram videos to MP4, MOV WEBM, MKV, and more.
  • Edits Instagram videos like trim, split, merge, add subtitles
  • Record your webcam, screen and webcam simultaneously

iTube Go

iTubeGo is an excellent application for downloading Instagram videos. This program will enable users to download any Instagram video they wish to play later in higher quality on their PC without buffering. iTubeGo can convert your videos to be played on various devices, including desktop laptops, desktops, iPhones, Ipad and MP4 players. The tool's interface is simple to navigate, and the tools are available at all times in the user's panel. Through tube go, developers have developed movies and television series, an internet-based search engine that uses subtitles that you download from any video. It has a fantastic built-in converter so that you can download high-quality video on an Android phone.


  • Download YouTube audio, videos, YouTube videos tracks, playlists, and channels with just one click
  • Convert YouTube to MP4, mp3, mov M4A, avi, and more.
  • Remove YouTube music and videos within the built-in browser

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave is a fantastic and simple method to download and save images and videos on Instagram, even if they're private. With these Instagram videos online, download the app and save Instagram images and videos forever in just one click. FastSave is a FastSave photo downloader software that is simple to download, easy to use as well as safe, secure and speedy for users. Suppose you wish to download individual posts with no interruptions to ads. In that case, FastSave also allows you to filter your Instagram search results for videos or photos using words that appear in the title of posts. FastSave is the most efficient way to save Instagram videos onto your device.


  • Read stories quickly and quickly from an area on top of your main display.
  • Get the user's details by pressing long on the saved images and videos.
  • This Insta saver provides fast download speeds.
  • The dashboard allows you to organize your quickly saved images and videos.

Saver for Instagram

Saver on Instagram is the best app for downloading Instagram video content online. It allows you to save videos, photos and other material from Instagram. This app allows you to save and share content that interests you on your tablet or smartphone. This means you can see information such as how many followers you have and comments on specific posts. The user-friendly interface of the application makes it simple to use. You only need to go to the website and select the profile you want to download. The downloads are saved to your gallery. You can search for them at any time.


  • This Instagram application for downloading videos allows you to open the downloaded content on your phone's gallery.
  • The app allows you to copy the description of the blog post.


Instagram Stories are by far the most important feature that Instagram has after Instagram live. If you would like to be amongst the initial to receive followers of Instagram stories by the user you love, Regrann Instagram Downloader makes it possible. The app is a mix of an Instagram story downloader and an Instagram video downloader, which allows users to download the posts of their favorite people or companies on Instagram and Stories. Using this app to save your photos and videos privately and not share them with your Instagram account is also possible. Regrann Instagram tool lets you download Instagram content directly from your Android phone.


  • Instantly download Instagram images.
  • Regrann utilizes Instagram. Instagram app to post images and videos.
  • The Instagram post download application lets you preserve your original Instagram

Social down

The Social Down tool is among the most sought-after and readily available apps for downloading Instagram videos. It is specially developed to help social media users download their preferred content from their websites easily. Additionally, it's available for download at no cost. This means that it will assist you in saving a significant amount of time and money. Social Down was created to address the demands of users who require a social media crawler to help them download data in a structured method for their digital collection.


  • It lets you save your Instagram profile photo as HD quality.
  • This Insta downloader application allows you to post videos and images on Instagram.


Stogram is a brand-new app that was released recently. It is different from other Instagram apps. It allows you to access Instagram videos online and any image you have uploaded to your account. After downloading it, you can upload the image on other image-sharing or social media websites. It currently can only be used with Instagram. However, as new features are added, you'll be able to use it as your primary application for uploading images to other websites. In the age of technology, in which big things are always getting smaller, it's not surprising that Instagram, an app for sharing photos, is now available in Stogram.


  • You can save Instagram stories and highlights.
  • Lets you view the Instagram feed of others easily.
  • Allows you to keep Instagram posts up to date.

Leawo Video Downloader

We have a solution to offer you if you're looking to download live videos on Instagram and looking for a way to do it. The Leawo Video Downloader allows you to download Instagram videos at 720/1080p resolution and gives you six times the speed of the sites. The app lets you download videos, music and tv shows, live streaming, and more. This gives you a more enjoyable user experience by utilizing intelligent settings for downloading. An integrated video player even allows you to play the downloaded video.


  • Transfer Photos, Music, Contacts, SMS, etc. Between iOS Devices, iTunes, and Computers.
  • Record Music and Audio from any source that is 100% authentic.
  • Best Blu-ray Player software supports Blu-ray, DVD, and video files.

InGramer For Instagram

If you want to download a large amount of content, this is the right option to download Instagram videos online. It will make it easier for you to speed up the downloading process. With a user-friendly interface, you can download all kinds of content from Instagram regardless of IGTV photos, IGTV, Instagram stories, or any other. It's only a matter of seconds to download content from this platform. You can download content from anywhere and save all the Instagram content around the globe. It is as easy as clicking on the 3 dots on the content. After that, you must duplicate the link and then paste the code into the box. Finally, click download.


  • Instagram Photos Downloader is a program that lets you save any Instagram image to any device.
  • You can download images and videos to iPhone, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
  • Am videos and photos.

02 Conclusion

These are some of the best apps you can use to download photos and videos from Instagram. If you are someone who wants to develop a similar app for your business, you should consult a market-leading web and mobile app development company.  

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  1. Are Instagram video downloaders legal?
As long as you do not use the tools for downloading copyright-protected content, they're completely legal to utilize. We recommend using the tool for personal reasons to ensure you are safe from the law.
  1. Is the Instagram downloader for videos used on any other platforms on social media?
This is dependent on the software used to download videos; however, most work with all kinds of content on the internet or social networks to fulfil their intended purpose.
  1. What length will an Instagram video be?
An Instagram video you upload may be up to 60 seconds long. But you can upload longer videos via IGTV via Instagram.

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