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Why is Logo Design important? A detailed guide to the elements involved and the designing process.

Logo Designing is a creative job. Logo designing requires a huge sense of industry trends along with customer expectations from a brand. Logo design is an important element for building the brand profile and identity. Here is a detailed guide to understanding the importance of logo designing and its design process.

The big question is: Have you ever seen any big brand without a logo? No. A logo has a huge contribution to your brand identity in the market. So, it is very obvious that you want your logo to be unique and outstanding. But what is the right process to do so?

Don’t worry! We, the best Logo Design Company, are here to help you understand all the elements involved and the right design process. We will help you to completely understand your brand identity and various factors that can help you find ways to make a great logo for your brand. The logo is the face of your brand, therefore your logo needs to be perfect and unique.

In the procedure of logo designing, it is also significant to emphasize the brand’s scalability and applicability. This point is vital to ensure that the brand can expand in changed sections and can use its logo in different places depending upon its requirements. The well-defined scalability choices may occur in a comparable business or a diverse production.

01 Importance of Logo Designing for Your Business:

1. A logo is a kind of brand face.

The major aim of a logo is to act as an identity for your business. Designing a logo is not about designing a shape, it should reflect your message to your customers and be able to express your brand value in the market.

There are several examples of logos where the logo doesn’t represent only the name of any brand. With the name of the brand, the objective of the logo is to express the objective and mission of the brand. For example, the logo design of Amazon also includes the A to Z alphabet, which demonstrates that Amazon offers the business to A to Z products.

2. Logo helps to attract customers.

A logo establishes the brand identity as a tool for first impressions and to attract customers in your industry. Any logo is designed considering its target customers and the industry background. It reflects the image of the brand to its target customers and ensures they find the logo eye-catching and attractive. The logo should be easy and simple to clearly visible and can be easily memorized.

To attract the customer to the children-oriented brand, there are more colorful logo designs, and graphics, as compared with any other industry.

3. Designing a perfect logo helps to improve Brand Loyalty:

A major aspect of logo design is its contribution towards brand loyalty. The logo is a kind of degree of attachment and commitment that any customer has towards any particular brand. Before designing your logo, it is very important to have a clear idea of what your brand exactly does and stands for. It reflects your values, and emotions, and conveys your vision to your target audience. Your logo should never be restricted to any community or language. It should be consistent across the world.

02 Let’s follow the important steps to designing a logo:

1. Find the importance of the logo for your brand:

Business is like dating- your objective is to attract the right customers and make them fall for your products and services. So, your logo is like a profile of your business which creates interest for the customers to start communicating. So, the question is what to do to build a great logo design or your business profile?

Your logo will be the first thing your target audience will notice about your brand. It will show all the reliable and related information about your brand to your customers. All the branding material which you use will have your logos on them.

2. Reflect your brand identity:

You want your logo to reflect your brand personality. To understand your brand's core personality, you need to spend some time listing down the visions and future goals of your brand. Once you have a clear idea of the uniqueness and objective of your brand, it will be very easy for you to make designs that match and fit with your brand.

Creating a logo is an innovative approach and involves a specialized method to consider and make straight logo design and industry objectives. It encompasses various stages that a designer is vital to go through to certify the conception of an appropriate logo for your brand.

3. Find the objective and mission of your logo design:

This is one of the most difficult processes while designing a logo. Brainstorming is one of the approaches for finding all the ideas and thoughts for designing a logo. A logo design of your brand needs to align with your business and its values. You need to have all the essential information that can be needed for designing your brand logo. The logo should not deviate from its original objective.

You can get the best websites for logo design inspirations for designing your brand logo and to fulfill your requirements.

4. Check your rivals in the market:

You can easily get updated and the latest ideas and thoughts from your competitors. Check out what’s already there and what can you bring new to the market. Take feedback on the ideas of your competitors, how did customers react to those ideas? Although, you need to be unique from your competitors to be on the top. For example: if all your competitors are choosing some monochromatic colors in their logos, you can choose some colors to stand differently.

5. Figure out the right type of logo:

Apart from overall styling, there are several types of logo designs one can choose from while designing a logo. You have the choice to choose the right type that matches your industry background. The 7 types of logo designs are as follows: Letter marks, Word marks, Pictorial marks, Abstract logo marks, Mascots, Combination marks, and Emblem.

The different types of logo design depend on the background of the brand. You cannot choose a serious design for casual logos. There needs to be accurate design alignment with the type of logos for a specific brand.

6. Pay efforts to choose the right colors:

Colors are the life of any design. It contains a ton of different emotions and meanings. If you try to understand the psychology behind the colors, it is very complex and tricky. But in simple words, the logo designs with perfect color combinations will be able to reflect the emotions of the target customers. Based on modern trends in the market, you don’t need to stick to monochromatic colors, but you can easily combine two colors can enhance the logo designs and create some unique designs for your brand.

7. Establish clear communication with your designers:

If you have followed all the steps suggested above. Now it’s time to begin the designing process. There are several logo design companies across the globe. If you have contacted logo designers to create a unique logo for your company, it is important to establish clear communication with your designer. They need to understand the requirements of your business.

8. Integrate your logo design into your brand:

Logo design is a complex task, but integrating the design with your business objective is also as tough as designing a logo. Therefore, it is very important to establish connectivity of your brand logo with your brand identity and vision. Your logo design should be a crucial part of a complete visual structure that your industry will practice. Professional logo designers always look at the big picture.

If your brand is related to children-oriented products, you can have the coolest logo designs to attract your customers.

03 What makes a logo great?

The important characteristic of a great logo is it is easily recognizable. It should perfectly reflect your brand identity and make you unique in your industry. A professional logo is a good logo, it should work in all sizes and should be responsive and usable across all platforms. Review the Most Recognizable Logos in the World. It will describe how logos can play an imperative part in building your presence and presenting a big picture of the business. A good logo has the following qualities:

  • Uniqueness
  • Easily Memorable
  • Responsive in nature
  • Acts as a face for your brand
  • Should have high-quality


Having a clear and unique logo design is important to attract your target customers. It helps them to understand and build trust in your business. A logo or a brand is a multipurpose tool that can be used in different ways for the growth and development of your business. Before designing any logo, it is very important to have clarity of what you want to display through your logo to the customers. The logo should be able to reflect the brand’s existence and should be completely aligned with the industry background.

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August 19, 2023   Logo Design /

9 Best Logo Design Tips to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

A Logo Design is very crucial for any business, whether it is for an organization or a personal brand. For designing a perfect custom logo design for different business requirements, it is very important to know the latest trend and industry standards for every logo design company. This is why we have the final list of tips for logo designing to take your brand to the next level. These are the best logo design tips that will help you to create unique logo designs with innovation and creativity.

You require a logo for many purposes in your business like printing business cards, official brand websites, advertisements, and brand holders to communicate with your target customers. A brand logo is a representation of your brand vision, maintaining identity in the market, your business ideology, and the future goals of your company.

We have listed tips and tricks for logo designing in 2023. We have to consider several characteristics of logo designing, such as:

  1. The logo of your brand should be simple and easy to remember.
  2. It should be unique and creative to attract the target customer.
  3. The logo should vibe and sync with your brand objective and vision.
  4. It should perfectly match your industry and brand.
  5. A logo design should be created after research and analysis of the business and market background of the company.

Logo Design helps you to take your brand identity to the next level and ensure the growth of your business in a very short time.

01What is a Brand Vibe? And How will you find what your brand vibe is?

No doubt, you may have several confusions about the terminologies and logo design processes in your find. Don’t worry, that's why we are here to help you find the answers to your questions. Let’s first understand the meaning of the word “Brand Vibe”. The exact meaning of Brand vibe is how you want people to connect and see your brand.
Another word for the same is “brand personality”. We should maintain the consistency of the brand vibe across our logo design to ensure it will reflect your message to your target customer. With the right understanding of your brand vibe, the process of designing the logo can be very easy. Therefore, before designing any logo, it is important to spend some time listing down the features and qualities of your logo that will express the feeling of your target customers.

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02Top 9 Tips to Remember for Unique Logo Design

Pictures are stronger than the words:

A logo design is a visual representation of your brand image and identity in the market. In the scenario of huge competition in the market, you need to ensure to design very relevant and memorable logo designs for your customer to remember easily. So, while designing, you need to ensure a reduction in complexity and maintain the simplicity of your logo. The brand vibe has recently been discussed, and you need to implement it with your logo design if you are designing a logo for any airline, the clouds, sky, and sun will automatically attract customers towards a peaceful vacation. This is how you fulfill the whole mission and idea of your brand logo.

Maintain the color psychology:

When you are done with the design and start filling in some colors, the creative color guide can help you to choose the perfect color for your logo design. The right color is key for a successful design. You need to think about your brand vibe and then select a logo color that will completely sync with your brand image. If you want to make your logo peaceful and calm, you may use light and pestle colors to make your customers feel Zen and peaceful. Logo colors can lead people to feel specific emotions and increase recognition.

Use empty spaces to keep your logo design clean and clear:

You have to make sure while designing the logo that it can be easily readable from a distance also. Using empty spaces in your logo design is helpful while designing brochure design, poster design, and t-shirt designs. Logo designing is an important approach to a brand-building process. The blank spaces in your logo design can help the target customers easily read and memorize your brand logo.

Tell a story and express your brand objective:

Our logo should lead customers to reflect significant elements of your brand story and what makes you irreplaceable and praiseworthy of their deliberation. Your story—what is the objection to forming this brand and serving customers—encompasses a huge section of what makes you unique from other businesses in the market.

The benefits of incorporating a story in your logo design are as follows:

Communication can be very easy. The first impression that you give your customers presents a clear idea of your brand image.
Gives you a platform to define your uniqueness from your industry. Express your emotions to your customers.

Use different shapes and figures:

Shapes are a unique approach to communicating and creating a unique logo design. If you want to stand out from the market crowd of your industry, shapes and figures are the easiest methods to do so. Different shapes improve your logo designs, such as circles and ovals that stand differently from other geometric shapes. The circles reflect the feeling of completeness, motion, and security. The different shapes can bring feelings and connectivity to your customers.

Design a Responsive Logo Design:

Responsive Logo Design is very adaptable and can be adjusted to any other platform without losing its brand identity. As per the design, a logo should be easily usable on dark and light backgrounds. It also helps you to maintain brand consistency and also gives you the flexibility to connect directly with your customers. It will give you easy scalability and variations. The importance of responsive logo design has already increased with the demand for other digital environments.

Size Matters:

When it arises to your logo, size matters because you want your brand to display vibrantly and familiarly. It is important to have the right size in pixels to balance the quality and size of your logos. There is no ideal size of the logos, it varies from platform-to-platform basis. Depending upon the platform. The size of your logo needs to be changed to ensure the reflection of high-quality logos.

Although each logo is unique, the sizes in which you protect and share them are not. Great logos can be resized and rapidly shaped across several various contexts. Having different logo variations is essential for your business. It allows you to comfortably fit your logo into every application that you need.

Maintain the right color combination with your Logo Design:

Color is crucial to make any logo attractive and eye-catching. While designing any logo, we should choose colors that can give peace and calmness to the person so that they can easily get attracted to it. Using light colors can enhance your logo look. The personality of your logo design completely depends on the color you choose.

Color psychology helps in branding, colors influence the perception and make you feel in a certain way. Colors have much more resilience to subconsciously join than we may understand. So, study colors that value the brand and give customers a positive message.

Keep innovation with your design to create a unique Logo Design:

It is completely fine to try new and creative things to ensure the uniqueness of your designs. Use different patterns, shapes, overlapping designs, and contrasting colors to design a modern and unique Logo design. The best way of designing a logo is, to begin with blank paper. Sit for a while and fill the paper with different designs and ideas. Then analyze what you can see in your design. What are the things in your design that can help you to stand out from the crowd? Is it reflecting your brand identity? It is advised to move towards innovations so that our customers can be related to the trending innovation and development in the industry.


These are very crucial tips for logo designing to take your brand to the next level and gear your business. The team of professional logo designers brings their years of experience and expertise to support your business needs. UiSlick can be your best companion for branding and designing because we have a team of experts who have already worked on major and minor projects for all kinds of industries.

For various technology solutions such as Logo Design Companies or clone app development and other solutions, you can check our websites and portfolios for the latest updates and projects. Whatever logo design you pick, it must suitably reflect your brand. Contemplate what you are trying to say with your logo and what you are trying to signify. As well as being a good demonstration, it desires to be visually likable and stick in people’s heads. Taking note of font design, color theory, and scalability are prodigious methods to ensure that your logo works.

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September 26, 2022   Logo Design /

The World’s Most Recognizable Logos – Brands of the World

Famous Logos helps in grabbing the right audience tractions and thus drive prosperity by leaps & bounds. It won’t be wrong to say that many companies are acknowledged because they have a classic & recognizable business logo. An aesthetically crafted logo is not just a sign of how well-versed you are at designing skills, but, also how beautifully your business is gaining its identity.

Today, we will discuss some of the most famous logos in the world. It will describe how logos can play an imperative part in building your presence and presenting a big picture of the business.

So, let's get started!

Popular Brand Logo Definition

The term "Brand" and "Logo" justify the sense on their own. The brand is the organization or business, and Logo is their identity among the audience.

The icon or catchy images we utilize to represent the business among the target and other audiences is known as the "Logo." When people start recognizing the business through its Logo, the business comes up as a "Brand" and the icon as its "Famous Logos".

A famous brand logo can be defined as the icon or image through which your business is visible in front of the target audience. Suppose you buy a pair of sports shoes; you will easily walk into the store with a logo showing "jumping leopard" as it is the logo for "Brand Puma." Similarly, you will also visit the store with the "right sign" as it is for "Brand Nike."

This example clearly states how the logo can help recognize your business and enable you to operate as a brand.

Now, let's jump to the famous logos with names. This section will show you some prominent brands operating globally and is highly recognized just by their Logos. So, let's begin!

02 Top Most Recognizable Business Logos of Brands in the World

A well-crafted logo is not a reflection of your designer's skills but also reveals many things about your business. Thus, we have shared an extensive list of famous logos design with stellar and eye catchy names. Not only has it paved the way for success by it has provided the proper user traction to businesses.

1. Apple

Apple Logo Design Concept

Who doesn't know about the tech giant "Apple"? Even if you show a 5th-grade kid a "Bitten Apple Logo," they will instantly reply with "Apple" as the brand of the product. Many theories and concepts prevail behind the logo of "Apple."
Some say the "bitten apple" is taken as the logo after a biblical story of Eve eating an apple from the knowledge tree in the gardens of Eden. Other stories reveal that the bitten apple states the "byte" of data.

The CEO, "Steve Jobs can only describe the actual story." It is the largest company in the world and is majorly known for its products like iPhones, Mac Laptops, AirPods, iPods, iWatches, etc. Apple’s logo is the most famous & popular Logo in the world.

2. Google's Famous Logos

Google Logo Design Concept

It is just a simple logo with green, red, orange, and blue colors. It was under some renovation in 2015; the final logo you see on the internet is the renovated one. The concept behind this logo is the letter "e" at the end of the logo is at an angle to render an alert that the organization will always be a little unconventional, as per Google's design blog.

Not only has this, but Google’s famous logos for important events remained a buzzword. The technology master timely presents Google Doodle for any critical event, celebration, or happening worldwide. Sometimes on a user's birthday, you may get a specific birthday Doodle especially meant to be shown on your screen on your b'day eve. This is how the google logo works.

3. Amazon

Amazon Logo Story

Another world-famous brand logo is Amazon. It is an eCommerce giant known worldwide for its online selling store. Its logo is the name itself, with an arrow from the first letter "a" to the last letter "z." It means the company sells almost everything you want to buy. This simple logo has gained vast customer satisfaction & trust in the previous years.

4. McDonald’s

History Of Mcdonald Logo

The McDonald’s crest is one of the most acclaimed logos for numerous reasons. It is highly recognizable as it depicts more than a thought that “it is not just a fast-food chain”. The logo has transformed into a cultural icon packed with global enhancements, capitalism, and the diversification of American culture.
One of the factors that stand out the logo from others is the golden arches resembling an ‘M.’ In 1952, the first McDonald’s restaurant was set up. The arches were the part of the exterior design of the organization.
Post nine years, these same arches were implemented into their business logo design. Since then, the arches have claimed their way; the company has had in over 60 years.

5. Coca Cola

History Of Coca Cola Logo

Coca-Cola is the most renowned beverage and hold world’s most popular logo design. It is undoubtedly the most iconic logos in the world. The brand’s logo design has gone to numerous alterations before concluding to the one that is available today. The typography and double ‘C’ characteristic have not changed since 1887.

Dr. John Pemberton was accountable for building the brand and its very first logo. He merged Coca-Cola’s first formula utilizing kola nuts, sugar, extracts of cocaine, and carbonated water.

6. Nike

History Of Nike Logo

Nike being holding world’s most iconic logo, anyone can contemplate that the brand has burnt thousands of dollars to get it. However, Nike itself proves that expensiveness doesn’t necessarily leverages popular logo designs. What contribute to an effective logo are its simplicity and a dreamy design.
Nike’s founder Phil Knight imagined a logo that offers some sort of inspirational movement and determination. He approached one of his students, Carolyn Davidson, to help build a logo for the company. Davidson developed numerous logo designs, and in a very short span, Knight decided to pick the logo that is pretty much close to the wings of the Greek goddess Nike.

7. Facebook

History Of Facebook Logo

Facebook is the king of all social media platform globally. Now it has become a subsidiary unit of Meta. It has one of the most famous logo and around 3 billion people see it on an everyday basis.
Speaking of its logo, then it is just a very plain write-up of the brand name in lowercase letters. But have you ever imagined, why lowercase? The logo design indicates Facebook’s natural going behavior because it is, after all, a very simple & yet highly appreciated social media platform to connect with people.
But the color scheme has more to do with personal reasons. Mark Zuckerberg has a syndrome called red-green colorblind. The color he can see the best is Blue. Hence, Facebook’s iconic logo color scheme is blue and white.
So, these were the three prominent names in the list of the top recognizable business logo in the world. You can count as many as possible by looking over the Internet. Now, let's read some fun facts about logo design that can help you develop recognizable and stellar logos for your business.

Top Fun Facts about Recognizable Brand Logos

After a huge research on various brand’s logo design, we have found some amazing facts on Famous Logos Design. Today, we will be discussing such fun facts in this context. Let’s read out these amazing facts on recognizable logo design.

Amazing Facts of Famous Logos in the World:

  • Have you noticed that around 60% famous logo are combination type.
  • Around 65% brands utilize color red & blue in their Logo Design.
  • 73% logo in the world contains San Serif Font.
  • Amazon is among the most valuable brand in the world.
  • Coca-Cola Logo cost nothing but $0 only.
  • The Top 5 logo in the world are of Tech Industries; Samsung, Apple, etc.
  • Nike’s logo designer, Carolyn Davidson took 17.5 hours to come up with Swoosh.
  • FedEx’s brand identity designer has won over 40 awards in the same category.
  • Around 15% of small-scale business pay around $1000 to have an appealing Logo.
  • The very famous McDonald’s Logo is an inspiration from its first operating building.
  • Nike's Logo Designer got Stock as his logo design payment.
  • A famous brand called GAP has failed in rebranding and that has costed the company a whooping $100 Millions.
  • WWF’s Panda Logo was utilized to reduce printing cost.
  • One of the popular brand Adidas has Mountain Stripes that represents Challenge.
  • Puma’s First Symbol was the Cat jumping through the letter D.
  • BBC's current logo is worth $1.8 Million.
  • Domino’s Logo indicates 3 dots in its logo to represent the number of restaurant.
  • Twitter’s Logo highlighting a Blue Bird, named after a basket ball legend.
  • The United Nations Emblem represents North Pole Map.
  • The Mexico Bat is the Bacardi’s Logo.

So, these were the amazing facts about the Logo Design of popular brands. Hope this article has given suffice information on Famous Logos & their development.

Logo Design is a prominent part when you are on the track to building your business as the leading brand. Famous logos always grab the right audience traction and help you grow significantly. We hope our article has explained an excellent volume of information about the most recognizable logo brands in the world. Thanks for reading, and you can collect more information about Logo Development from our website u6vqbc65xw-staging.onrocket.site. Moreover, you can enquire about web development from our website, stay tuned!

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September 7, 2022   Logo Design /

How do you create a memorable logo Design including a tagline or slogan?

When advertising products, organizations must be proactive and provide a solid coherent, clear, and concise brand name to customers. Creating the best logo designs with slogans and taglines are two marketing tools that prove precise in the promotion of any item. However, these two plans of action have a lot of commonalities, yet they're both distinct marketing tools with regard to their impact on the public.

A slogan is a statement of the goal of the company or the intention for the product. It could be a statement such as a statement, an expression of a phrase or idiom, or a stylemark that can distinguish products, bringing them into the spotlight. The slogan is the primary merchandise strategy for any organization and can help build trust and confidence in the institution and its merchandise.



01 What is the most effective way to design a slogan logo for your business?

For further steps, it is necessary to read the entire article and grasp the fundamental idea behind creating an effective slogan for your business. The first step is to grasp the basic idea of how to create an effective slogan or design a slogan to promote your business.


A catchy tagline or slogan helps your brand stand out from the crowd in terms of influencing the market to promote your brand. It is technically an original method to brand your product, while also marketing it in the process. The use of slogans or taglines can help to communicate your idea in the marketplace.


02 What is the best way to create a company's slogan?


The words or slogans used in taglines are often repeated words that signify a product or an establishment. Each tagline is a brief phrase that is used in advertising and marketing for any brand or product.


They both promote the branding and its products. Taglines are developed to create an impactful phrase that brand names the product, and help it pop into the users' thought process.

The reason behind using an appropriate tagline for logos is due to the following elements :

1. Limiting mass to a certain amount:

When you're in the midst of a deficiency of funds or capacity to serve the social users on a massive scale. It is important to concentrate on the smaller users and concentrate on the quality of an eye-catching logo that will make a splash at first glance. The tagline or slogan used for logo design should be used with a clear intention.

For instance, looking up imaginative slogan designs for a medical facility or an educational or non-profit organization.

2. It is possible to appear divergent in a jam-packed scene:

Taglines can help you make your mark when you are in the midst of your competitors. As an example, the Apple tagline helped the brand in advancing its products by using the slogan" Consider Different ". The tagline has helped to evolve the brand's image as brilliantly creative. as the intellectually innovative brand's support.

3. When introducing a brand new:

When launching a brand new when launching a new brand, you must focus on the type of services and products that are provided by the brand. A mismatch between the brand's image and the strategy for marketing could affect the image of the product and cause the product to vanish from the marketplace. You could also seek the advantage of a slogan or tagline creator on the internet.

4. When you are rebranding your business:

Rebranding a brand or company's name isn't an easy process. It takes lots of energy and concentration. However, when the brand generates revenue and yields results, it's because of the investment. The modification of a tagline using your logo could help you in reaching customers who are both old and new, and also help to bring new ideas to promote the brand's new product. It is possible to apply a variety of designs to your slogan to give it a diverse style.

5. Logo demands to narrate well:

If your logo is conceptual, and you want to create an image with a tagline that reflects the primary purpose of the brand as well as the purpose behind designing a logo is to create the slogan. For instance, McD's logo has the phrase" I'm lovin' it" which clearly expresses the feelings after satisfying the desire. You can also create your own free logo design slogan free of charge to create a unique logo.

03 How can you make a slogan-style design simple by using the help of a logo?

If you believe that the tagline will aid in identifying your target market, then look into adding a tagline to your logo.

1. Start with your brand's name and persona :

Start with your brand's name and persona

Before you proceed it is important to know the personality of the brand and the identity of the brand to know the nature of the products and services that are provided by the firm or business. It is possible to use the slogan fonts designer generator to assist you to create your own slogan online without cost. For instance, KFC, a renowned brand, has an ad slogan" It's finger-licking good"

2. Try experimenting with arrangements and sizes

Your tagline needs to be strong enough to convey your brand's name in a distinctive and appealing manner, while also limiting it from appearing too crowded or excessively used. Always make the tagline smaller than the name of the brand and has to be clearly clear. It's the easiest method to find the font typeface and the position of the logo along with the tagline must be done correctly. It is possible to search for the list of design slogans and then concentrate on designing a logo that has the slogan.

The usual arrangement of the tagline and logo is generally the brand's name in large letters on the top, with the tagline displayed below. Try out different designs and play around with the position of your tagline for the perfect style that is suitable for your business.

It is important to think about the scalability aspect when designing the layout of your slogan to ensure that the design doesn't end up looking granular.

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3. Create different versions of the design with and without a tagline

To select a particular and distinctive slogan logo for your business, you should test various options, including an emblem with an ad or slogan, and also other designs without slogans from the logo. This process will assist you to choose a distinctive or distinctive logo for your business.

Nowadays, a lot of agencies and marketing channels need small logos for their social media profiles as well as images to be included in the design of the app. A logo that isn't accompanied by taglines helps users to focus on the product effortlessly, without distraction. Some of the most famous brands around the globe have an unrecognizable tagline. It might not appear on their branding, yet they make the tagline in their advertising whenever they employ it.

For instance, Twitter, a brand with a name, also has an adage that reads" It's what's going on". You can also utilize slogan design software online to create tags for the logo and other logo tagline ideas.

Last Words
If you decide to use this tagline or slogan in public, creating the logo using tagline versions can help bring your brand's name to the marketplace and assist in reaching your target market. Simple texts or idioms can help you establish your basic goal to communicate with your prospective customers. Also, you add a fresh level of assurance for your clients to expand your business with this innovative technique to create advertising and promotion.


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May 28, 2022   Logo Design /

Popular Logo Design Fonts 2020

Looking for some Popular Logo Design Fonts 2020? If yes, here is a bunch of information. In this article, you will get a hands-on Best Logo Design Font 2020. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a business firm, a logo is the branding of any company. This is the first impression when you put yourself in marketing. So your first impression should be the last yet impacting impression. This can be achieved using the Top Logo Design Fonts of all time.
In this article, we have shared a guide on the best logo fonts for beginners as well. You can also get an idea of corporate or business logo font families. So let us begin the thesis here.

Branding of any company is done by using its effective logo design. Your logo is the first look of what your company will be about. For example, 4 rings in a circle indicate Audi. Whatever your companies profile is, Logo plays a major part. So here we are going to discuss some top font families for beginners as well as for professionals.

Logo Design Fonts for Beginners 2020

There are many other font families which work best for the beginners. These include the following font styles for newbie logo makers like

  • Racing Sans One
  • Ribeye
  • Pacifico
  • Gruppo
  • Life Savers
  • Oxygen
  • Montserrat Alternates
  • Nova Square
  • VT323

If you looking for some good best logo design then these fonts are good to start. These will surely improve your understanding of logo designing and its techniques. Further, you will read about some of the popular logo design font families 2020. Utilize all these fonts once, whether you are a pro logo creator or a beginner logo designer.



This is the new member of the font family of logo designs. This was created by Fanny Coulez & Julien Saurin in Paris in the san-serif family. It is an open type of font design. The letter comes out as something warm, very figurative, stylish like french letters, etc. There are 8 types of Pontiac Logo Font Designs:

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Black
  • Light Italic
  • Regular Italic
  • Bold Italic
  • Black Italic

Any logo maker can utilize any type according to his/her needs of logo making. This is the emerging star in the san-serif font family.

Brandon Grotesque

Again the member of the san-serif family with a title as Brandon Grotesque. It includes 6 more subcategories and provides a soft look to the logo design makers. Logo from this font was designed by Hannes Von Dohren back in the year 2009-10. Its appearance is like


Another trendy font style which also comes under Top Logo Designs Font 2020. It has multiple language support with Upper case and Lower case transitions. You can convert your text into two patterns i.e. Regular & Italic. It also features OTF & TTF files for both styles. The logo designs under this font look like:

Classic Logo Fonts 2020

Now this category is the inventor of fonts in the Logo or branding of the company. These logo fonts do not get fade as these are the evergreen families. Even the commoners can easily understand the font category once placed in a logo. So here are the families involved in it:


It is the sub-category (we can say) of the San-Serif family. It became a member of the font family in the late 50s. Then the popularity begins in the 60s. You can take a clue of its popularity as this is found on Macs & Adobe products. One can also go with the Arial, Verdana, Geneva, etc fonts as these are also look-alike to Helvetica.

Times New Roman

If we talk about print media, then Time New Roman is the first choice. These are basically contemporary looking logo designs that best suit the newspaper, books, and print materials. In the 30s, it was crafted for the “The Times” newspaper. This font category is best known for its readability appearance.


The category was created by the Adobe itself and then it became the corporate logo font design. Brands like Apple have their logo printed in Myriad font family. One reason why it is used by these brands is its capability to get optimized with the Web. It also comes into various forms such that:


The name came into popularity from Claude Garamond’s punch cuts. Different-different people have created their own version of the Popular Logo Design Fonts. Most of the time, Adobe Garamond crafted by Robert Slimbach is utilized. This is popular because of its unique style and readability.

Iconic Logo Designs 2020

This category holds the oldest font families which logo makers prefer for printing works. It is utilized when we write a letter, printing any document, etc. It includes Serif, San-Serif, etc. The description of these categories is indicated below:


The letters are made up of simple lines and do not hold any serifs. Strokes are also simple as it does not contain any type of thick or thin transition in strokes. Examples of these are as follows


It is an advanced version and falls under the top logo fonts design 2020. Earlier, the logo maker utilized these font families to make the company’s logo more iconic. But with the growing trends, the font families have also gained new versions as described ahead.

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Final Words:
To sum up, there are so many font families that came out of the san-serif ancestor. There are few categories that are popular in Free Logo Designs Fonts 2020 category. Also, there are more font families like Rockwell, Baskerville, etc. You can choose from different styles and prepare your branding logo design. It does not matter either you are a professional logo creator or a beginner in logo designing, It all goes up with your understanding and learning capabilities.

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