Best Website Builders With SEO Friendly In 2023

Vishnu Gupta May 28, 2022

Best Website Builders With SEO Friendly In 2023

Being a non-Cody person, It was a tough job creating a website. But thanks to the super alternatives i.e. Best Website Builders of 2022-2023 which has made everybody’s work simple. The individuals who are not technical people then this article is for them only. Many people have never been to development nor have they studied code language. But there was a strong need to build a custom app development or a website. Hence, the utilization of google changed so many things (you can find your god too), and finally, the list given here is prepared.

The searches show so many results but the best was SEO Friendly Website Builder 2022-2023. The website creators have thousands of free themes, easy-to-handle codes, plugins, etc. which makes website building handier. These are the cheapest website builders in 2022-2023. One can get a magnificent website with just a few clicks. Select the type of site builder you want, check the plans (most of them are offering free plans), then buy the hosting and you are good to go.

Top Website Builders in 2020-2021

There are a few website tool testers, which will provide you with responsive web design tools with site structure & other things. All you have to do is, put your website in the site tool tester and then check whether the site creator has provided you with a good site structure or not.

There are many website builders available in the market which are setting web design trends in 2023. Which suits your needs best? This is a major query of creative website ideas for those who want to build a website. You have to be very careful with authentic site builders and fake website builders. As we all know, along with the good, you get the bad also.

Here in this article, we are going to make this task a cup of tea for you. Below we have presented some information, which will elaborate on Best Website Builders and their competitors. We have shared a table wherein, you will get a good comparison between all types of website generators. You can compare plans, facilities, Reviews (if any), etc. So, let us begin the scrolling with my favorite website builders for 2022-2023.

Which Are the Top Website Builders in 2020-2021?

Here is the list of top website builders for 2022-2023. You should check out the plans, offerings, and other tools that are coming with these superb website builders. We have also made our in-depth research to provide you with the top website creators of all time. The parameters on which we have shared lists of the best site creator (given below):

  • Ease of use
  • Design of Flexibility
  • Value of Money
  • Feature quality
  • Help and Support
  • Customer Satisfaction

Check Best Website Builders with Free Plans

Builders Free Plan Price Suitability Rating out of 5
Wix Free Plan $13 – $500 Best for all 4.7
Shopify $29 per month Best for all 4.8
Bigcommerce Free Plan $29.95/month Best for all 4.9
Squarespace 14-day free trial $12 – $40 Creative industries 4.3
Weebly Free plan $6 – $26 Small businesses 4.1
SITE123 Free plan $12.80 – $17.40 Support via live chat 4
Strikingly Free plan $8 – $49 Value for money 4
Duda 14-day free trial $14 – $55.50 Building multiple sites 4
GoDaddy 1-month free trial $10 – $25 Creating a website fast 3.8 Free plan $4 – $45 Blogging 3.7
Jimdo Free plan $9 – $40 Removing adverts at a cheap price 3.6
1&1 IONOS No $1 – $45 Multilingual sites and white-collar businesses 3.6

The above table shows the online free website makers with their sustainable utilization and plans. Here we have gathered the ratings from the customers who have used these e-commerce website development tools. You can utilize the rating to choose the most suitable website generator.

What Types of Sites I Can Create With these Awesome Builders?

What Types of Sites I Can Create With these Awesome Builders

The best part of these amazing website builders is you can choose among 1000+ templates. Whatever your business is, each builder has many options available. You can choose among them and then customization can also be done accordingly.
Go on a builder website and then pick a theme. Enter your text and image and you are good to go. These are best for small start-ups, restaurants, hotels, studios, etc. The only drawback you will get when you require a good size database. The demand will be fulfilled here by WordPress only.

Collect Details for Top Website Builders of 2022-2023

1. Shopify

shopify website development

A great website builder to create a smart website with professional e-commerce website themes. It has very sorted templates with responsive designs. You can reach the team anytime anywhere via Email or Customer support. It has 1 million active users and more than half a million businesses are operating via Shopify Website Builder. The builder is known for its responsive website design as well.
It has got all the features, with great hostings, professional templates, themes, responsive designs, etc. It keeps on updating its software and techniques to give all-time ease to its users. You can integrate payment gateways easily, the full inventory system is there, you need not add any code, etc. All these features make Shopify website creator Rank 1 in the list of Top website builders of 2022.

2. Wix

Wix website development

If you are thinking about how to build a website? Then Wix builders are the right choice. It has around 110 million around the globe users. It is the handiest and most used website builder. To develop a website, you need a few minutes only. Yes, the Wix website builder is known for its breathtaking development speed.
The templates or themes, plugins, options, and every aspect related to building a site are perfectly placed in the interface. You need to search here and there as the UI is simply awesome.

3. Weebly


The second on the list is the Weebly website builder. This is best known for its ease of use. The handiness of the site editor is like a 5th-grade student who can perform any task. Around 40 million websites have gained their existence through this small giant.
It keeps on updating its features which involve an online store, membership area, etc. An unbeatable website building tool with lots of handy templates & functionalities. The only thing that bothers us,
is lacking multilingual functionality.

4. Bigcommerce

It is another popular website creator in the e-commerce market. For anybody who is looking for a boost to its e-commerce business then Bigcommerce website builder can be the root cause for it.


  • You don’t have to worry about speed, security, or updates
  • The team will manage all the technicalities for you.
  • It has a familiar integration with WordPress.
  • You can integrate almost all payment gateways
  • It does not charge transaction fees.


  • Migrating from bigcommerce website builder is quite difficult
  • It is quite expensive.
  • The base plan starts from $14/per month

5. Squarespace

So it is the oldie in the list of Top Website Builders of 2020-2021. It is been with us since 2003 and millions of businesses have come into existence by this site builder. There are a few pointers that make it less acclaimed in terms of other good site builders.

  • There is no backup facility
  • Its base plan requires a good buck i.e. $12 per month.
  • The website builder is not that easy to use.
  • Page speed is not up to the mark (tested by authorities)

6. WordPress

Both the versions of WordPress i.e. (.com) & (.org) are popular enough. But .org has gained its reputation. is a free open-source platform for website building. It is among the best website builders of all time. It is best for website development in all ways.
It has thousands of good templates for every business type. You can choose among thousands of WordPress themes and plugins to implement any specific functionality. All the themes and plugins here are free of cost. The editor is also handy and has some SEO recommendations as well.

7. Jimdo

A german website creator with more than 20 million websites registered to its name. Another add-on feature is their use of ease. They have incorporated its new and transformed version names as JIMDO Dolphin. The version claims to build any website in just 3 minutes of clock count.
It has a magnificent online store. It allows its users to create those alluring websites from scratch to finish. The jimdo website builder does not require your desktop or laptop, it only needs your iOS or Android smartphones to build a website within 3 minutes.

8. Strikingly

Strikingly has its focus on one-page layouts. The builder is utilized when you create a landing page from it. As the name suggests, their website themes are highly striking and also look astonishing on mobile devices.
You can flinch with their base plan (having ads) and then can upgrade to its Pro, VIP, etc. plans. There is a small drawback that Google does not like a single-page website, so you might feel some issues when going with a single-page website.

9. Webnode

Apart from not getting that much recognition in the market, thousands of websites have been registered under the name of Webnode website builder. The business of website creators is mainly happening in European countries.

It is great at delivering multilingual sites but it lacks basic tags or native commenting systems. If you are planning to build an e-commerce website then you probably should sift other website builders.

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On the whole, if you are planning to start your business and are in a hurry, then you should reach these top website builders of 2022-2023. They got free (trail) plans, multilingual site creation, SEO-friendly pages, etc. features.

You can make a good website within 3-5 minutes with a handy and responsive design. The builders have a good collection of templates, and quick editors to make your website visible within a few clicks. Just add your text and image and you are good to go.

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