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UiSlick is the brainchild of young tech entrepreneurs, who are imbibed with a passion of providing complete web development solutions to the clients. We are young, not inexperienced!

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Customised Website Development Solutions

UiSlick is one of the leading technology solutions companies in India, with a central focus on mobile applications and website development. We are a bunch of young techies who adore eminent technologies more than anything. Our team includes qualified and experienced personnel who are always excited to help you in redefining your business with a modern touch. We are blessed with an outstanding designing acumen and a sense of business analytics, which sets us apart from our peers. But, we aren’t just a group of hobbyists!

Before starting a project, we probe deep into the client’s business environment and study its peripheries. We do a complete SWOT analysis, and only then develop an execution strategy attuned to the client’s needs. We take great care in ensuring that you get what you need, even if it seems impossible!

We do not discriminate between small and big businesses. For us, every idea is unique; every business is large. We are geared towards providing plausible solutions to our clients, which can help them to sustain a successful business. Having served more than 500 clients, we are confident to take up any challenge and provide the best business solutions.

Do you have something brewing in your mind? Share with us! We’ll construct the chassis for your ideas and help you to transform them into a shape that suits your taste.

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Our Web Development Services
E-commerce is booming, and so should your business. We provide a horde of digital marketing solutions that will propel your brand promotion and set your business at a fast pace. Here’s what we have in our closet to offer you:-
Our Portfolio
Need a sneak peek into our work? Not a problem! Here’s a collection of some of our awesome designs adored by our previous clients. Go on, take a gander!
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Our Reliable Web Development Process
Before the final website is delivered to you, it undergoes a series of rigorous and meticulous tests such as unit testing, integrated testing, performance evaluation, end-to-end API runs, TDD and CI/CD deployment. This process puts every single module and link under a thorough scan, ensuring a foolproof end product. Once the tests are over, the website is then launched on a reliable and secured server.
Information Graphic

The first and most crucial step in website development is information gathering. The step involves gathering information about the goals of the company, and how they want to present their products/services. The collected information will help in understanding the goal of the project and in targeting a suitable audience.


The gathered information is then used to plan a website that perfectly matches with the goals and objectives of the client. Based on the objective of the website a suitable technology and design is suggested. This step also helps in finalizing the content and the interface of the website, which can help in bringing out the best results.


The design of the website is one of the prospects that gives it a unique touch and make it stand out from other existing platforms. Different prototypes are created based on your requirements from which you can choose the one that you best connect with. The final design is done while keeping in mind a beautiful interface along with fast processing.


Based on the decided plan an optimized website is then developed by our team of professional website developers. In this phase, all the decided functionalities and features are integrated into the website. In this phase the web applications and required APIs are also integrated into the website, and for easy management, a Content Management System is also provided.


We leave no stone unturned in making sure that the final product delivered to you is free of all glitches and issues. In this phase, various case studies are created and the website is thoroughly tested to ensure optimal user experience. The website is also tested on different devices to ensure that the website is fully responsive and compatible with different screen sizes.

Delivery / Launch

After ensuring that everything is fit and fine, the website is then made live. To make sure that your website stays up to date with the latest trends we also provide website maintenance service. If you have any kind of queries after the website is made live, you can directly connect with the team, and we will be more than happy to resolve all your issues.

Our Forte
Our talents are limitless, so is the technology which we use. The people on board our technical team are experts in PHP, .NET, JAVA, HTML5, DRUPAL, JOOMLA, MySQL, MAGNETO, SHOPIFY, and WORDPRESS technologies. Hence, we are all set to provide the best website development solutions that can fit both your taste and budget.
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